Top 5 Branding Materials You Need to Start a Business

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Branding is crucial for any business to sustain in the market. Branding promotes recognition. People tend to do business with companies they recognize – what does that mean for you? Be consistent with your branding and make it easy to recognize – it can help people feel more confident purchasing your products or services. Stand out from your competitors by being creative and innovative to attract people to your business. Branding seems easy but it is a lot of work. Luckily, OTown Printer | C&S Press compiled 5 branding materials you need when starting a business.

Brand Logo

Duh, we all know every company has a brand logo. Have you seen any business without one? Probably not. This is the most important part to your business marketing and brand strategies. Make your logo unique – be creative with it. Your goal is to have people recognize your logo. Put that extra time and do some research – hire an expert. Your logo represents your business.

Looking to hire an expert – contact us. We can help you.

Ok, you’ve got your logo. Where do you go next? Print the logo on business cards, posters, banners, products or labels. Use it on Social Media Posts, Website, etc… Your brand will make a strong mark for your business.


There’s no question about it. Every business needs a website in today world. Most consumers are look online to help them make smarter purchasing decisions. It is estimated that about 88% of consumers will research product information before making a purchase both online or in store. Wow, that’s a high percentage and probably risen do to Covid.

Few things you need on your website – your business logo, name, contact information, hours, information about your business – product / service information and social media widget. Make sure you keep it clean, to the point, and eye appealing (include pictures, videos etc) – to attract your visitor.

Business Cards

As you let more people know about your business – you most likely going to be asked for a business card or want to hand out your business card to a potential customer. Make sure your business card looks unforgettable – make it hard for the consumer to throw it out.  Be creative with it. Your business card should include your business logo, business name and contact information. Need help being creative? Look up some inspirations online or contact us! Oh, make sure you carry your business cards on you and keep extras in the car.

Posters, Flyers, and/or brochures

Posters, flyers and brochures can be a remarkably easy and effective way to tell people in public about your business – one of the oldest marketing methods. Not all consumers will see you online but, they may take more notice to the flyer that is handed to them rather than scrolling through a newsfeed. Handing out or putting up flyers, posters, or brochures is a quick way of grabbing the potential customers attention. Make sure your flyers, posters or brochures is eye catching – use color – be creative. Use main points across with the information you would like to share about your business, use your business logo, business name and contact information.

Here at OTown Printer | C&S Press, we offer a wide range of printing materials including posters, flyers and brochures. To learn more, simply browse our website and get in contact with us today!

Conventional Printing

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Your printing image is your Brand! Don’t trust it to just anyone. We are a 36 year old company based here in Orlando. We might say, we have “stood the test of time”.

We offer conventional presses for your high-volume work. If you need brochures, business cards or marketing collateral, we are your “one-stop” for all printing needs, small or massive jobs and our prices are the best in the industry!

When you need the best look, the sharpest images, quality materials and printing that you can be proud of, you need to print on the highest quality conventional presses. OTown Printer / C & S Press is just such a company.

We are in the relationship business and we WILL earn your respect!

Give us a call to set up your estimation appointment with an experienced member of our OTown Printer | C&S Press team. You are only a call away from finding out what makes us a Central Florida printing classic.

OTown Printer | C&S Press

405 27th Street, Orlando, FL 32806

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Difference between Conventional Offset Printing and Digital Printing

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If you’re in the market for brochures, business cards, posters, or other marketing materials, you already know that you’re going to need to come up with the perfect design, color scheme, copy and layout. However, even after you’ve checked all those boxes – you are left with an important question; digital or offset printing and what’s the difference between the two and does it even matter? Printing is printing, right?

Not exactly… let’s take a deeper look to 1. Define the Terms and 2. See the two printing methods, their differences and which one is best to obtain the best quality for your printing project.

Offset Printing utilizes aluminum-based plates, or plates made from similar metallic material. For every color during the printing process a separate metal plate has to be used. Each plate has to be laser etched using information from digital file of the image. The plate is attached to a roller, known as the plate cylinder, which will transfer ink to another cylinder with rubber sheet known as a blanket, which then rolls the ink onto paper, vinyl or whatever print material is being used.

Digital Printing process does not use aluminum plates with the image etched onto them. Instead, the image is digitally transferred from a computer to the digital printing machine. Digital printing uses electrostatic rollers, more commonly known as drums, to apply toner to sheets of paper. This is a similar process used by most inkjet printers.

For every color used during printing a different drum must be used. Unlike digital printing an initial warmup run is not necessary to ensure ink will be properly applied to the print material.

Pros & Cons to offset printing


  • Superior image quality that is reliable. Count on offset printing for clean, distinct type and images without streaks or spots
  • Better color fidelity, which refers to both the accuracy of the colors and their balance in the design. Because offset printing can mix custom color inks for each job, it’s naturally going to get the colors spot-on.
  • Works equally well on almost any kind of material.
  • For large volume jobs, you get more for your money. It costs a lot to start an offset job. You have to invest money into creating the plates, which takes time. However, once you’ve invested it, all of the materials are ready to go, and you’ll actually spend less on big offset jobs than a digital print, which is about same per piece no matter how big the job gets.


  • High cost of low-volume jobs
  • Longer timetable since plates need to be created
  • Worse fallout in case there’s an error. If you don’t catch a typo on a plate and ruin a batch it’s harder to fix and the process starts all over again

Pros & Cons to digital printing


  • Faster turnaround time
  • Each print is identical. You risk fewer odd variations caused by imbalances in water and ink.
  • Cheaper for low volume jobs. The price per unit drops for offset printing, so at some point they crisscross.
  • Changing information within a single print job. For example, say you were printing out postcards advertising a concert. You could actually change the dates and locations for part of the batch to create two sets of cards for two shows.


  • Fewer options in materials you can print on
  • Less color fidelity is possible with digital printing because digital jobs use standard inks that cannot exactly match all colors.
  • Higher cost for large-volume jobs
  • Slightly lower quality

Quality Printing for Lasting Impressions

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OTown Printer powered by C&S Press, Inc has been a leading full service commercial printing company in Central Florida since 1985.

Our philosophy of “Total Client Commitment” addresses the needs of today’s print buyers. Excellent service, high quality, and quick turnaround at a competitive price are all expected.

Our staff’s proactive approach to problem solving, combined with superior service, truly sets us apart from the competition.

OTown Printer powered by C&S Press offers two shifts on all presses, six days a week, allowing a great deal of flexibility to meet the demanding deadlines of today’s printing projects.

When you are looking to communicate with benefits of your product or service, turn to us. OTown Printer powered by C&S Press fully understands the importance of each piece we deliver!

Use a full service printer

Full Color Printing, Brochures, Promotional, Books, Flyers, Annual Reports, Corporate Profiles, Press Kits, Postcards, Newsletters

Check out OUR PRODUCTS page for more!

Our Company uses Soy-Based Inks and Chemical-Free Printing Plates

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Chemical-free operations increases the green credentials of any commercial printer who is keen to minimize his environment impact through less waste and no water usage during the process. Our printing plates use NO chemistry in the production process. No Developer. No Fixer. It’s a green as we can get.

Vegetable oil-based inks are also easier on the environment. Soy-based ink is an excellent alternative to petroleum or oil-based inks. Not only is this ink great for the environment and your eco-friendly business agenda, but it can actually be used to produce brighter, more vibrant colors. The end result is an eco-friendly and visually appealing creative every time, which says a lot about your business and demonstrates that you care about the environment – especially when combined with recycled paper.

Soy-based ink is, as the name implies, made from soybeans. The oil is refined and then mixed with other environmentally friendly compounds such as natural resins and waxes. The fine bright colors that can be produced with soy-based inks are a result of the soy oil – it is much cleaner and less, well, ‘oily’ than petroleum-based inks. Soy ink is a frequent choice of newspapers and other mass-produced documents since it can produce such bright colors, and it is substantially more cost effective than its oil-based cousins.

Petroleum-based ink

Petroleum based inks, while effective, are more expensive than soy-based inks and have a much harsher affect on the environment. They tend to contain a rather high amount of toluene, benzene and xylene. These compounds can be very harmful to the environment, wildlife and people: For example, benzene is a common carcinogen. Consider the content of soy-based inks in comparison: soybeans and natural resins, plus natural wax. That should say it all!