send a file


Your Sales Rep or Customer Service Rep can give you a username and password that can be used to log on to our FTP transfer site. This is a good method if you will be sending fairly large files to us on a regular basis.

create a new account

If you are new, create a new account, made easy to send your large files in just one step! If you forgot your username and password, please contact us to reset your account.


If the files that you need to send us are less than 20 MB, you can always just attach them to an email. Extremely large files, or anything confidential can be sent in or dropped off on some sort of physical media such as CD, DVD or flash drive.

If your files total less than 20 megs, you can email them directly to [email protected] For larger files, please use your favorite file transfer service or use our FTP server. It’s fast, very secure and FREE!